An Introduction To Pilates

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Joseph Pilates viewed the mind and body as a connected unit. To be effective, an exercise program needed to address both in as a continuum.  Popularity of Pilates around the world is a testament that his view was effective.

These five reasons why you should learn and practice Pilates.

1.Pilates is Appropriate for Any Fitness Levels

Often exercise programs assume you are fit.  Pilates does not make that assumption and takes you through a learning program that helps you get fit and if you are fit, improve your understanding of fitness and increase your level of fitness. Joseph Pilates expected his creation to be used by people of all fitness levels. One of his accomplishment was to use Pilates to help injured soldiers rehabilitate successfully.

You can easily adapt Pilates’ workouts and tailor them to accommodate your needs.  As you become fitter, you could increase the workout levels to continue challenging yourself.

If you are young or old, feel that you are fit or not, feel healthy or ill, you can find a Pilates workout that helps you. This does not mean to dive in without consultation with your physician.  Always check with your health practitioner first before you start any new fitness program.

2- A Complete Body Fitness

No part of your body is neglected in a Pilates program. However Pilates emphasizes your core as the central piece of your strength and motions. From your core you move through the exercises the engage your entire body. Strength, flexibility, alignment and range of motion are all copmponents of a Pilates workout.

Improving your posture, flattening your stomach and toning every muscle of your body are some of the outcomes of this whole body workout program.

  1. Incredible Core Strength

Your core acts as the  ‘Powerhouse’ of your body which is more than just a six pack abs. Your core muscles included your upper and lower back, all layers of your abs, hips, thighs and the buttocks.

These muscles brace your spinal cord, keep your body aligned and transfer energy between your upper and lower body.

The strength, balance and alignment in line force within these muscles keeps the pressure off your neck and shoulders and let them relax.  The result helps you move freely without wasting energy.

Your posture helps you improve your mobility and range of motion as well as releasing unnecessary tensions.

  1. Improves Coordination

Controlled fluid motions are part of your training under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Your focus on controlling motions without becoming stiff improves your awareness of the body and how it moves. The result is greater coordination.

  1. A Holistic Approach

Thoughtful motions are part of what Joseph Pilates design. Pilates is not mindless repetition of motions. Your focus and control are key tenets of this workout program which improves your mental concentration as well as your physical ability. This mind body connection makes Pilates a holistic program.

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